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Integrated Cupboards for Cleanrooms | MRC & CleanroomsUSA Cleanrooms

The MRC & CleanroomsUSA cupboards are customizable modifications of the MRC & CleanroomsUSA wall system. Fully molded cupboards mounted into the wall system without a single joint, weld of fixing.

  • Designed to be integrated with any wall system

  • 1 or 2 side access available

  • Toughened Glass Doors

  • HEPA Filtration can be incorporated if needed.

  • Electromagnetic PLC controlled interlocking

  • Designed specifically for change rooms or storage within sterile areas

  • Customizable sizes and features are available

MRC & CleanroomsUSA cleanroom cupboards are ideal for use in controlled environments across any industry. Where hygienic design features are key. They are suitable for low to high-grade areas as there are different designs for each grade.

MRC & CleanroomsUSA Systems is constantly developing practical and increasingly optimal solutions for its cleanroom furniture.

Phone: 317-456-9191

Clark Byrum Jr. President & CEO

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