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Types of Portable Clean Rooms

Portable cleanrooms are primarily categorized by the type of walls they employ: rigid solid walls or soft plastic walls. Furthermore, they can be classified based on their intended function, spanning from cleanrooms for patient diagnosis to those used for chemical and medical testing and research.

Moreover, portable cleanrooms can be differentiated by their size, portability, indoor or outdoor suitability, and their adherence to ISO or Federal Standard 209E classifications. Like all cleanrooms, portable ones are custom-designed to precisely meet the demands and specifications of their intended applications.

Here are the types of portable cleanrooms according to IQS:

  • Soft Wall Portable Cleanrooms: flexible, mobile, efficient, and cost effective method for creating a controlled clean air environment quickly and easily.

  • Rigid Wall Portable Cleanrooms: (have the same flexibility and quality performance as soft wall cleanrooms.

  • Bio-Clean Cleanrooms: semi-rigid cleanrooms developed to meet the needs of the medical industry regarding microbial contaminants and the particulate requirements of the electronics, aerospace, and high-tech markets.

  • Isolation Medical Exam Pods: A unique form of portable and flexible cleanroom that has grown out of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the isolation medical exam pod, which allows for the testing and examination of workers and patients to prevent exposure of others to possible hazardous and unsafe conditions.

  • Post and Panel Portable Cleanroom: The post and panel design of a portable cleanroom offers several attractive features that make it one of the more popular forms of cleanrooms. Post and panel cleanrooms have four-foot panels and stud posts that dismantle into two pieces.

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