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Partner with Cleanrooms USA

Cleanrooms USA is an international leading cleanroom design, construction and installation company. Cleanrooms USA manufactures a range of cleanroom partition systems and accessories, as well as provides turnkey cleanroom design and build projects across every continent.  Cleanrooms USA has supported the progression of high end engineering industries through innovative design concepts and material technologies.


Make Cleanrooms USA the partner for your next facility.

The CleanroomsUSA Platform, based on intermodal containers, delivers:

  • Easily portable and expandable production facilities

  • Pre-constructed, validated CGMP modular facilities

  • Accelerated delivery timelines, mitigating risk by getting to market faster

  • Manufacturing versatility, achieved through scalable production facilities

  • Financing options

GRP Panels

Glass Reinforced Polyester Cleanroom and Ceiling Systems

  • MATERIAL - Glass Reinforced Polyester. 1 piece molded panels.

  • HEIGHT - Up to 39'ft in one single piece

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE - resistant up to 120 tested chemicals including H202

  • REPAIRABILITY - 100% repairable in position

  • INSULATION - Not required, the GRP material provides required insulation.​

  • AIR RETURN - Integrated low level extract panels. No ducting required behind panel.

  • FURNITURE - Full integration of GRP accessories and furniture

  • LIFE SPAN -  More than 40 years

Cleanroom USA Wall Panels
Cleanroom USA Wall Panels

Our Projects

From Design to Build

Whether you have a final detailed design, or just a rough layout and general requirement, Cleanrooms USA are able to take on your cleanroom project and bring it through to commissioning and validation. 


Send your inquiry through and one of our experts will contact you and discuss the best path forwards for your project.

Cleanrooms USA Offerings:

GRP Panels | HPL Panels | Accessories & Fixtures

Hygienic Doors | HVAC Systems | Electrical Services

Flooring Solutions | Cleanroom Boxlab

Cleanroom USA Wall Panels GRP
Cleanroom USA Wall Panels HPL

Industry Specific

Drug Manufacturing
Medical Device
Auto & EV Battery
Nano Technology


Keep up with the latest news, whitepapers, and case studies from Cleanrooms USA.

Pharmaceutical MRC Cleanroom

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