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Auto & EV Battery Manufacturing

The automotive industry is changing as a result of the global shift towards electric cars (EVs), which provide a sustainable and environmentally beneficial form of transportation. The lithium-ion battery is the power source that powers every electric car. These complex powerhouses require an unwavering level of precision and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. Cleanrooms are becoming an essential component of EV battery production, as they guarantee the best levels of performance, safety, and quality.


Auto & Electric Vehicle Cleanrooms

The precise procedures being carried out in the cleanroom and the industry norms or laws that apply to the manufacturing of EV batteries determine the necessary ISO class or cleanliness level for the cleanroom. The international standard ISO 14644-1 describes the cleanliness levels of cleanrooms according to the concentration of airborne particles of various sizes.

The following broad criteria may be applicable to the manufacturing of EV batteries, specifically in the context of lithium-ion battery cells and packs:

Cell Manufacturing: To ensure that impurities do not compromise the safety and performance of lithium-ion batteries, extreme cleanliness is necessary during the cell manufacturing process. A frequent prerequisite for cleanrooms used in cell manufacture is to be classified as either ISO class 5 or class 6. This indicates that the amount of particles in a given size range that can be found in a cleanroom's air per cubic meter is restricted.

Module and Pack Assembly: Because there are more substantial components involved, battery module and pack assembly may require a significantly lower degree of purity than cell manufacture. An ISO class 7 or ISO class 8 certification may be the goal for cleanrooms used for module and pack assembly.

It's crucial to remember that these divisions are only meant to serve as broad recommendations. Different EV battery producers may have different needs depending on their manufacturing procedures, raw materials, and standards for quality. The standards for cleanliness may also be influenced by industry rules and regulations. The standards for EV battery cleanroom cleanliness may vary as production techniques and technology advance.

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