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Nano Technology

Applications and sectors covered by nanotechnology include semiconductors, optics, medical devices, and drug delivery systems. Extremely clean surroundings are necessary for these extremely sensitive applications, devoid of any particles, gasses, or other contaminants that could stick to component surfaces and affect test reliability as well as product quality.

Cleanrooms are extremely sterile spaces created to keep pollutants out of testing and production operations. High-efficiency filters in these rooms collect and eliminate tiny airborne particles as air passes through the ventilation system. Permanent and modular cleanroom constructions are the two types available. The practical advantages of a permanent structure are offered by modular cleanrooms, which have a more adaptable and economical design.


Nano Technology Cleanrooms

The quantity and kind of processes used in your application will dictate the size and arrangement of your cleanroom, so the first step in cleanroom design is to take this into account. It's crucial to keep in mind that certain procedures call for dirtier spaces than others, so you might need to designate distinct rooms or workspaces for some of your applications.

Begin by outlining all of your procedures and figuring out the legal criteria for the highest amount of airborne contaminants that can be present. With this knowledge, you can calculate the amount of cleanroom space you need and start thinking about the filters you'll need.

There are several classifications for nanotechnology cleanrooms: ISO 5 (Class 100), ISO 6 (Class 1000), ISO 7 (Class 10,000), and ISO 8 (Class 100,000). Filtration and air exchange rate (ACR) are what determine a clean room's categorization. For example, compared to an ISO 8 cleanroom, an ISO 5 cleanroom needs greater filtering and higher air flow rates.

A lot of applications involving nanotechnology are similarly susceptible to variations in humidity and temperature. To ensure the perfect working environment, temperature and humidity controls are included in every one of our modular cleanrooms.

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