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In recent years, we have seen more companies and industries turning to prefabricated clean room structures. CleanroomsUSA offers multiple prefabricated systems that are designed, assembled, and tested off site in our controlled environment before construction begins at the location specified by the client, which eliminates the likelihood of issues arising at the start of the project. During the initiation of the project, the collaboration between the design team and the client will set forth the ISO standards needed to be met and the parameters of the structure.

Pre-Fab Benefits

Using the prefabricated method, our team can ensure top of the line quality for the clean space by manufacturing the wall components in house, this also provides organization between the client and our team by having predictable deadlines due to our standardized processes and years of experience.

  • Customizable components

  • Rapid installation

  • Simple Maintenance

  • Durable

  • Shortened delivery times

  • Flexibility

  • Transportable

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