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Modular Wall Systems and Self Contained Units


A Modular cleanroom wall panel system is a fully-contained and monitored environment that requires filtered air to eliminate finite particles and contaminants from the operating room resulting in a clean environment for the operators and products. Cleanroom Wall Panels come pre-engineered and offer the same benefits of a traditional clean room but allow for quicker time to operation and flexibility to modify or even relocate with minimal expense and downtime.


Whether you have a final detailed design, or just a rough layout and general requirement, Biologics Modular is able to take on your cleanroom project and bring it through to commissioning and validation. 

Contact us today and one of our cleanroom experts will discuss the best path forwards for your project.

Cleanrooms USA Wall Panels Roll Up
Cleanrooms USA Wall Panels

Industry Specific

Drug Manufacturing
Medical Device
Auto & EV Battery
Nano Technology

Clean Room Features and Details

Cleanrooms USA provides full design, delivery and installation of cleanrooms over a vast array of industries. At Cleanrooms USA we have the ability to be prefabricated panel systems or a complete modular delivery system. The benefits of a Biologics Modular cleanroom are as follows:

  • Flexible

  • Time-Saving

  • Cost-Effective

  • Truly modular, expandable as needed basis

  • Compliant wall and ceiling material, fully sealed and coved in all corners for ease of cleaning

  • Complete monitoring of Temperature, Humidity Levels, and the differential pressure from each room

  • Capability to be prefabricated off site and installed on site

  • HEPA filtration coverage

  • Sealed lighting with a minimum 50 foot-candle rating

  • Cleanable surfaces

  • Stainless steel finishes as needed (304 or 316L depending upon application)

  • Utility stubs for power, gases and liquids within the room as needed (per customer needs)

  • Ability to meet cleanroom standards for both ISO and USP 

Agricultural Biotechnology
Cleanrooms USA Wall Panels
Cleanrooms USA Wall Panels
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