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Covid-19 Field Testing Facilities

Headquartered in Brownsburg, IN, CleanroomsUSA, designs and manufactures modular facilities to serve as self-contained biomanufacturing suites and research suites to health science service providers, educational facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Past Performance Project 610-C96017 & Project 610-C96030

The CleanroomsUSA Platform, based on intermodal containers, delivers:

  • Easily portable and expandable production facilities

  • Pre-constructed, validated CGMP modular facilities

  • Accelerated delivery timelines, mitigating risk by getting to market faster

  • Manufacturing versatility, achieved through scalable production facilities

  • Financing options


Rapid, safe, effective expansion of capacity

1.    Cost-effective, pre-engineered facility structure.
2.    Fabricated entirely in the US. Available now.
3.    Integrated utility, control and monitoring systems.
4.    Positive pressure facility requiring zero PPE;

       patient and operator fully separated at all times.
5.    Transportable facilities for global deployment.
6.    SDVOSB / HUBZone partner -

Field Testing Solutions

At CleanroomsUSA we design and manufacture GMP modular cleanroom facilities that tailor to your company's specific needs. Our products are based on the intermodal container platform and designed to fit inside new or existing warehouse spaces. By retaining the corner blocks used by intermodal containers, our cleanrooms, labs and clinics can be transported easily by truck, ship or train anywhere in the world. With our flexible, scalable, and transportable modular facilities, we guarantee a minimized capital cost and shortened production timeline.


Clark H Byrum, Jr.
(317) 456-9191 | (317) 626-4093
DUNS: 031692956 
, 46112

Deploy Ready Trauma Suite

•   Can have 2 operating theaters

•   Includes 2 scrubbing and gowning zones

•   Optional windows can be added

Testing Facility

•    PPE-free
•    Operator isolated from patient
•    Integrated sterilization system
•    Modular platform

Deploy Ready 8 Bed Ward

•    8 bed expandable suite
•    EDS waste management system
•    Can be color coded for simple infection management

Deploy Ready IDF (Infectious Disease Facility) 

•    Can have up to 6 isolation rooms for patient care
•    Gowning area prior to entry
•    Decontamination zone includes full shower

Compounding Pharmacy

•    Integrated air handling and utilities
•    Meets USP 797 or 800 standards
•    Off the shelf design; 22 feet of casework and storage, fume hood, refrigerator or freezer, gas systems and safety shower

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