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Occupational Health, Primary Care, and Annual Physical Facilities

CleanroomsUSA has designed the optimum facility in clinical care.

  • Occupational healthcare clinic - handles the treatment of workforce injuries on a daily basis

  • Primary healthcare clinic - takes care of routine clinical visits that every family will go through

  • Annual physical clinic - capable of handling workforce needs for check ups, stress tests, and x-rays

Healthcare Clinic - exterior view
Healthcare Clinic - top-down view
Healthcare Clinic - aerial view

Clinic Features & Details

Clinics can be expanded beyond the pre-engineered design per the customer needs, be purchased outright, or paid for as a lease item to reduce the initial capital expenditure.

  • Reception and pharmacy proximity allows for quick prescription pick up

  • Rest room and laboratory proximity allows for drug testing activity

  • Two exam rooms for private medical consultation with your GP

  • Minor procedures room for more advanced care and treatment avoiding hospital waiting rooms

  • Employees have a separate work area to catch up on daily logs and paperwork

  • Employees can enjoy lunch in the break room separated away from the clinic but without leaving the site

  • Faux brick exterior allows the clinic to blend in with the surrounding architecture

  • The entire clinic can be dismantled and relocated per the customers needs as growth occurs

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