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Cleanroom Air Showers | Decontamination Chambers| MRC & CleanroomsUSA

The MRC & CleanroomsUSA Air shower is constructed from GRP glass reinforced polyester, designed to effectively and efficiently remove surface particles from both people and products prior to entering a cleanroom work area. It is also designed to integrate with any wall systems.

1. Self-contained, pre-wired, fully equipped air shower system helps to solve decontamination problems.

2. HEPA filter modules (rated 99.997% efficient 0.3 micron particles) wash personnel with class 100 air to dislodge and remove particles.

3. A PLC control panel provides programmable control over access door operation

4. Interlocking doors minimize contamination, releasing automatically in the event of power failure

5. Fluorescent lighting is housed in the ceiling to provide 300 lux level

Phone: 317-456-9191 Address: 1533 E Northfield Drive Suite 600 Brownsburg, IN 46122

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