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Cleanrooms with highest quality standards: MRC & CleanroomsUSA Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are high-risk environments. Building a cleanroom requires precision and maintaining it without contamination requires constant monitoring and good practices. At MRC & CleanroomsUSA, we assist in engineering to delivery and installation of cleanrooms across the globe. From life sciences to pharma, healthcare, aerospace, defense, and food, cleanrooms are a part of their everyday manufacturing process.

With offices in Spain, UAE, India, and the UK, MRC has worked in more than 40 + countries across the globe and complete more than 500 + projects.

With knowledge and experience of over 40 years, MRC & CleanroomsUSA Deliver!!

Phone: 317-456-9191 Address: 1533 E Northfield Drive Suite 600 Brownsburg, IN 46122

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