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Sonicu Wireless Monitoring

Sonicu is a leader in automated temperature monitoring, with a full suite of complementary monitoring solutions. Utilizing a secure cloud platform and the latest wireless sensor technology, Sonicu protects critical assets, automates manual data logging and helps clients adhere to regulatory requirements.  Rely on Sonicu technology to safely monitor and ensure critical systems are performing correctly and protect what matters most to your organization.


Sonicu, an industry leader in cloud-based wireless monitoring, is partnering with Biologics Modular to provide modular cleanroom and bio-manufacturing suites equipped with an internal regulatorycompliant monitoring, alarming and reporting system to the pharmaceutical, medical and life-science sectors.

Sonicu will provide room conditions monitoring, alarming, logging and reporting for ambient temperature, relative humidity and differential air pressure as well as medical-grade cold storage inside Biologics’ preconstructed units. Biological Modular architecture is based on an intermodal container platform designed to fit inside new or existing spaces or as a stand-alone unit. Biologics’ labs, cleanrooms and clinics can be easily transported by truck, ship or train anywhere in the world.

Let Sonicu help you:

  • Monitor and manage temperature, humidity, differential air pressure, sound, and more with one cloud-based platform.

  • Protect valuable assets across your entire enterprise with configurable Smart Alarming. 

  • Eliminate burdensome manual logging to dramatically improve operational efficiency and pass regulatory audits.

Sonicu partners with Amazon Web Services, the leader in cloud computing, to provide a data acquisition, record keeping and reporting, and sensor calibration platform that helps our customers in healthcare, life science, pharma (GxP), and food industries meet the stringent regulatory requirements of Joint Commission, CDC, AABB, AATB, CAP, HACCP, FDA, and other regulatory agencies.



Sonicu Temperature Monitoring

Safety, compliance, efficiency & savings

Sonicu temperature monitoring provides safety and protection for all temperature applications from cold storage to cryogenic and automates logging, reporting and regulatory compliance. Wireless data transmission and cloud-based platform mean easy implementation without hardwiring to existing IT or BAS platforms. SNAP Calibration eliminates expense and downtime of annual/recurring sensor calibration compliance.

  • Single platform adapts to all temperature monitoring needs throughout an entire enterprise.

  • Eliminates lost hours and labor costs consumed by manual monitoring and hand logging.

  • Cloud-based SaaS platform requires no IT resources, network equipment, additional software or maintenance costs.

  • Plug-and-play implementation virtually eliminates installation costs.

  • SMART alarming tailored to user-defined thresholds can be tiered and escalated onsite and off.

All Sonicu monitoring solutions are:

  • Fully compliant with all state and federal regulatory requirements;

  • Easily implemented and fully scalable;

  • Completely automated to eliminate manual monitoring, logging and reporting;

  • Totally secure and operate independently of existing IT infrastructure;

  • Warranted and supported by Sonicu's dedicated support team;

  • Cost-effective.


Sonicu Total environmental awareness

Highly versatile All Room Conditions (ARC) Monitor tracks, logs and reports temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air velocity and other variables with or without local alarming and display via a cloud-based platform.

  • Wireless topology options eliminate expensive retrofits and construction projects.

  • Monitors room conditions independently of existing IT and/or BAS systems.

  • Fully configured, easy to deploy and completely scalable. 

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