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How Portable Cleanrooms are Made

The controlled environment of a cleanroom is crucial for developing, testing, and researching various technical equipment, medicines, chemicals, and sensitive substances. Given the critical nature of cleanroom work, constructing them demands meticulous attention to detail.

Portable/modular cleanrooms have gained popularity for their cost-effectiveness, convenience, quick delivery and installation, range of sizes, adaptability for expansion and reconfiguration, and their open plenum design, allowing easy adjustment of classification as needed. Moreover, they can be tailored to special requirements like ESD protection, chemical resistance, UV filtering, and corrosive resistance.

According to IQS, The following are the criteria points that impact how portable cleanrooms are made:

  • Rating and Classification

  • Temperature and Humidity Control

  • Panel Designs (Softwall Panels or Rigid Clear Panel)

  • Framework of a Cleanroom

  • Ceiling Grid

  • Light Fixtures

  • HEPA Filters

  • Filter Fan Units (FFU)

  • Portable Cleanroom Floor

  • Portable Electricity

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