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Types of Cleanroom Equipment

Cleanroom Equipment

The effectiveness of a cleanroom is dependent on the types of equipment used to complete assemblies, testing, and research. As with all of the materials used in a cleanroom, its equipment must meet the rigorous standards for cleanrooms to maintain its ISO classification.

Cleanrooms require the highest degree of sanitization; these high standards apply to every item that enters the room, from a pad of paper to large, hooded air circulation systems. Much like any work environment, cleanrooms have necessary work materials. The uniqueness of cleanroom work tools is their extraordinary cleanliness.

Cleanroom Equipment:

  • Fume Hoods

  • Laminar Flow Hood

  • Biosafety Cabinet

  • Vacuum Chamber

  • Desiccator

  • Nitrogen Generator

  • Cleanroom Pass Thru

  • Cleanroom Door Swing

  • Lab Oven

  • Cleanroom Air Shower

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