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What is a Softwall Cleanroom?

Softwall, cleantent or portable cleanroom is a modular structure with a prefabricated frame normally constructed out of stainless steel or aluminum. Depending on the size of the cleanroom, it allows for quick and easy assembly. Its walls are fabricated from clear flexible vinyl sheets that can be tinted, opaque or UV filtering vinyl as well as ESD “Static Dissipative” and low outgassing. The ceiling grid system, depending on the size of the cleanroom typically is supported by the frame and uses the same ceiling tiles, light fixtures and fan powered HEPA filters used in stick built and modular hardwall rooms.

The standard sizes of softwall cleanrooms range from 4 feet by 4 feet up to 24 feet by 36 feet. The flexibility of softwall cleanrooms makes it possible to design and create multiple configurations and sizes depending on customer needs. Aside from the standard sizes, softwall clean rooms can have additions and adjustments that instantly change their size to fit new and unique conditions.

Why Use a Softwall Cleanroom

Softwall cleanrooms are less expensive than stick built and prefabricated modular buildings and can be delivered and installed in a fraction of the time. In most cases, they do not need permits with the exception of their electrical and HVAC systems. Assembly can be completed by as few as two or three people. Since they are prefabricated, there is little to no disruption from noise or dust during assembly. Depending on the design of the frame, changing the size or configuration of a softwall cleanroom can be as easy as ordering additional components. - - -

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