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Cleanroom Applications & Industries | Cleanroom Wall Panels

Cleanrooms have a wide range of real-world applications. CleanroomsUSA manufactures complete cleanroom solutions, including walls, ceilings, doors, and windows, that are supplied and delivered across the globe.

Although cleanrooms are most commonly found in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare industries, here are some additional cleanroom applications:

  • Microelectronics manufacturing: Semi-Conductors Cleanrooms

  • Aerospace cleanrooms

  • Defense & Military sector Cleanrooms

  • NanoTechnology Cleanrooms

  • Cleanrooms in University Labs & Research Facilities

  • Optics & Lasers manufacturing

  • PPE Manufacturing

  • Perfumes & Cosmetics

  • E-cigarette manufacturing

  • Food Industry

  • Animal Housing labs

  • Automotive

  • Biotechnology

  • Solar and other renewable energy applications

  • Vertical farming

Having catered to a wide range of industries across the world, we understand the stringent quality and reliability requirements demanded in many sectors and ensure the highest quality cleanroom possible with on-time delivery.

Contact CleanroomsUSA Phone: 317-456-9191


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