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Rapid Modular Facility

At CleanroomsUSA we design and manufacture modular clean room facilities for any need that arises in your workflow. With multiple options, one of the most prominent final products, The Rapid Modular Facility is based on the intermodal container platform and designed to fit inside new or existing warehouse spaces, with the customization ability to have your facility outdoors. Our facilities are all flexible, scalable, and transportable modular facilities, while also minimizing capital cost and shorter production. We ensure that each unit is specifically designed by our consulting team to meet any requirements needing to be met. In the construction phase of each modular facility, CleanroomsUSA makes sure that each step of the process is made with safety in mind while still providing a compliant and quality facility.

As a leader in the supply of modular cleanroom systems, Biologics Modular has the experience and capabilities to meet the inevitable standards that will integrate seamlessly within your workflow. Find out how Biologics Modular can help find a solution for you today by contacting us through our website.


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